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Wondering about the meaning of life?

Do you get upset all the time?

Got relationship issues?

Wondering if there are spiritual answers to your questions and issues?

Pastor Roland answers many questions about life every week on his national radio program.

Pastor Roland's radio program airs coast to coast on the Wilkins Radio network.

Millions of people have heard Pastor Roland on the radio over the past 25 years, and many have benefited from his insights.

If you are looking for answers to life's deepest questions, you should be listening to Pastor Roland on the radio. 

And now, here is your host Pastor Roland

"Hello, everyone! Welcome.

If you have not yet listened to me on the radio, I want you to listen right now. I answer many question every week and I always give away a free resource.
Cli  Click here for Soundcloud 

I also have many free self help resources available online, including free audio, video lectures, articles and books to preview free."

Listen to more past programs at the radio archive

Got spiritual questions and looking for answers, but you don't want to join anything or get hassled?

Many spiritual questions are answered every week on Pastor Roland's radio program.  He talks about coping with stress too, and offers useful strategies. Just listen to his radio program.

"Now you can leave a question, comment or an opinion at my new Listener Call in Line.
Just state your first name and the city you are calling from, then leave your question, comment or opinion on the answering machine. I listen to all the calls and I will play some of them on my radio program.  You must be 18."

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