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 From the desk of Pastor Roland.

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Here is a little video where I talk about my favorite Bible verse. It is in Jeremiah, Chapter 6, verse 16.

 From the desk of Pastor Roland.

Time has energy because it is part of the space/time fabric, which itself is in motion, and which comes from the primal motion.

The primal motion set all things in motion, beginning with the gravity wind, which is experienced by the created forms as gravity and time.

If everything is in motion, then everything has energy.

For example, anything moving has kinetic energy. As you sit in your chair, you have energy because you are actually moving 1000 miles an hour as the earth spins. In fact the earth is moving through the milky way galaxy and the galaxy is also moving. So just think of how fast you are really going!

You don't sense it, of course, because kinetic energy has a way of appearing and disappearing depending on it relative relationship with other objects. But if you were moving at your current speed out in space and ran into an object, you would definitely feel the effect.

If you can see that from primal stillness God issued forth the wind of gravity, itself moving and itself creating congealed gravity as mass lagging in the time gravity wind, then you can see that all is in motion and all has energy. And the "appearing" of this energy is in relation to other objects moving at different velocities, then you are on the brink of seeing how a moving current causes  a magnetic force field to appear and how a magnetic field, changing in time, causes an electric field to appear.

Remember there are two forms of gravity. One is the equivalent of steady state acceleration, and it is what created the architecture, complete with energy, called the universe. This steady state equivalent push gravity is still all around us, replenishing the creation, and  creating new proto particles.

The second type of gravity is what comes into being when swirling gravity whirlpools congeal into matter, giving us space/time curving around its created form, matter. The created forms which then distort space time make for local gravity and local effects.

What I want to say here is that the hallmark of local gravity is the spin. The electrons spin and so do the atoms. The magnetic field that comes into evidence around a flow of charge curls, and the electric field that occurs around a magnetic field that is changing in time also curls.  In local gravitational geometry, it's all about circles and spins.

These precessing local spins mimic that which made them, the pre time wind emerging from the creation singularity and spinning and weaving an ever expanding curved universe.

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