Send Me Your Prayer Requests this Christmas Says Internet Pastor Roland

 From the desk of Pastor Roland.

Hello, this is Pastor Roland. This is the time of year when many people need prayer, but they hesitate to contact me because they think that I am too busy. Not so.

I always have time for prayer requests!

People also hesitate to reach out to others because everyone seems to be having such a good time, and the person figures that they are an outsider and don't want to bother anyone.

It is easy to feel lonely, left out, and just plain sad at this time of the year. This is especially so for thoughtful people who see some of the hype and phoniness.  But don't let the hype or commercialism bother you. Jesus is still around and so is the true meaning of Christmas.

Remember the Nativity story. There was no room at the inn for Mary and Joseph.  So they felt left out too, but God did not forget them. He had big plans for them!

Please reach out to others. There are plenty of thoughtful people out there. And there are plenty of others who feel just like you. Reach out and help someone and you will discover that your blues are gone. 

Christmas is for everyone. Not just the rich and famous. In fact, Christmas is for the little guy, the regular person, children, those in hospitals, those living alone in a hotel room, those in retirement homes, those in college dorms, those who feel all alone, those between jobs, those with drug or alcohol problems, those .  .  .  .  .  .

Remember also one time where Jesus was helping some sinners, and the phony Pharisees came and turning their noses up on the people Jesus was helping, said "look at him, he's hanging around with THOSE type of people."

Jesus said, people who are well do not need a physician, so I am helping these people with their issues because they are the ones who need me. 

So if you would like someone to pray for you, send me an email using the contact form below.

Tell me your first name and what you would like me to pray for.

Tell me your first name or nickname please. And please give me enough detail so I know what I am to pray for.

I will start praying for you right away.

It is that simple. As soon as I get your request I begin to pray for you.

Pastor Roland is the author of 18 books and has been helping people for over 25 years. Submit your prayer request 24/7

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