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What's New at Talk to a Pastor Online?

What's new from Talk to a Pastor Online?

We still have free chat. Got a question you want to ask a pastor? Here is the place.

No, I can't do your term paper for you. But, if you are polite and honest, I can possibly give you a really good reference or two.

So what is new?

Now Pastor Roland has mini sermons, from 3 to 5 minutes long.

But don't let their shortness fool you. Each is a gem.

They are over at but I put some here just so you can see.

How to Overcome All Your Issues - Forgive Your Failing Father and Your Unloved Mother

How to Find God and What Is Faith - The Short Version

It All Began in the Garden of Eden

Ladies, Don't Resent Your Father

What Is Sin?

You Can't Study Your Way to God

What is Love? Love is Correction

Hearing Voices - How to Cope and Not Be Misled

What else is new?

Now Pastor Roland has some Youtube videos, which are his lectures and mini sermons with nice slide shows.

Of course, he still has weekly radio shows which you can listen to at blogtalk radio and at itunes. (for itunes, just go to blogtalk radio and you'll see the link).

And of course,
Pastor Roland's favorite -   prayer requests


Doubts? Fears? Anxiety? Relationship Issues? Listen to Roland

Roland talks about life and relationship issues. He's the author of 17 books and he's got meditations too.

Just click on a program below to listen now!

Roland is also on iTunes!

New Romance Podcasts with Roland Trujillo on BlogTalkRadio

Blood Moons - are changes coming?

Last night I heard a most interesting interview of author Mark Biltz on Coast to Coast AM.

The coming blood moons are fascinating, world events are troubling, and I am praying.

I plan read his upcoming book. His book is titled Blood Moon: Decoding the Imminent heavenly Signs.

John Hagee made a series on the Four Blood Moons and it is interesting watching. Here is a link to his presentation

However, the most interesting of all was his discussion of the giving of the 10 Commandments.

Did you know that God spoke to 3 million people? Did you know that God actually spoke the 10 Commandments and much more to the assembled 3 million? The sound was so overpowering and awe inspiring that the people asked Moses to receive the instructions from God for them, lest they die.

It is right in the book of Exodus. We have all watched the movie and we have read simplified stories, but we somehow were not told or we missed that in one of the greatest events of all history, a supernatural event that makes E.T. pale in comparison, God spoke with a voice from above to 3 million people. It is right in the book of Exodus 19 and 20.

Here is a link to an interesting article on the subject of how God actually spoke to 3 million people and they heard His voice. 

Pray for Peace

Please join me in praying for peace.

Peace in our homes
Peace in our hearts
Peace in the world.

In this hour or our greatest need, we must turn our hearts and minds  to the Christ, the Prince of Peace.

We pray, Come Lord Jesus be Our Guest.

 Come, Lord Jesus, be our Guest, 
and let Thy gifts to us be blessed. 

Be present at our table Lord. 
Be here and everywhere adored. 
These mercies bless and grant that we, 
may feast in fellowship with Thee.