A Closer Walk with God and a Deeper Prayer Life - Practicing the Presence

 From the desk of Pastor Roland.

Looking for a closer walk with God? Want to improve your prayer life? Looking for God and can't seem to find Him?

Going to church and reading the Bible, but are still interested in a closer walk with God?

Maybe I can help. Helping people go deeper with God is something I have a heart for.

I've spent a quarter of a century looking at the lives and writings of people who seem to have found the Presence of God. People like Brother Lawrence, St. Francis de Sales, Miguel Molinos, Madame Guyon, Thomas a Kempis, St. Augustine,  and Francois Fenelon.

I also love the writings of A. B. Tozer who wrote The Pursuit of God. He sought and yearned for God and encouraged others to do the same.

What I have discovered is that these people found a way to become still. They lived in the Presence in the present. They distrusted and separated from their tricky imagination. They did not permit themselves to be overpowered by the affairs of life. Most of all they had a love for God and they found a way to keep Him uppermost in their mind. They were able to pray without ceasing.

I found a meditation that helps a person to have the kind of mind set that these spiritual people had. It is a simple Christian meditation.

A closer walk with God can be yours. You can have a better prayer life. And you can solve your issues.

Maybe this video will get you started.


Pastor Roland

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I love praying for people. And the nice thing is that this is not just a faceless web site. I personally pray for you.

So if you need someone to pray for you.

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Please Pray for America

 From the desk of Pastor Roland.

Hello, this is Pastor Roland.

Please join me in praying for the United States of America.

America has never been in as great a danger as it is now. America needs your prayers.

Please ask God to protect us from enemies foreign and domestic.  Please ask God to have mercy on us.

Please ask God to forgive us for our wrongs and errors. Many of us have been selfish and have wasted our precious time and the bounty of America's blessings for trivial pursuits. Please ask God to forgive us and give us a little more time to turn from our selfish ways and once again become the shining light of freedom for the world.

Please pray for America. Please ask for God's protection for America.

Pastor Roland

If you need prayer, send me an email.

 Send me an email using the contact form.

Tell me your first name and what you would like me to pray for.

Tell me your first name or nickname please. And please give me enough detail so I know what I am to pray for.

I will start praying for you right away.

It is that simple. As soon as I get your request I begin to pray for you.

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Talk to a Pastor Recommended Reading - a letter from William Law

In William Law I recognize a kindred spirit. This is very good advice he gives, and it applies to those who may be reading my books as well.


Pastor Roland 

A Letter from William Law ... to the Awakening Seekers who were (and are) partaking of his Writings.

Kings Cliffe, 1755

My dear Friend, — for so I must call you, though unknown to me ...

   Your true conduct under your present light is to turn inwards, and endeavor to find and feel the truth and reality of those doctrines there, which you begin to have a sight of.

   For all I have written is only to help mankind, in this age of darkness, controversy, and delusion, to find the full truth and fundamental ground of all the doctrines of salvation, as plainly written and demonstrated in the essence, state and condition of their own souls, as they are in scripture.

   Under such conviction as this, you come to this knowledge, that all is to be transacted between God and yourself; and that as you are, so is God towards you;   and therefore you are to look for no good, but from such a state of heart, or kind of prayer, as keeps you continually uniting yourself to God, in steadily believing, and fully expecting to be delivered from all your evil, through the merits, mediation, and heavenly birth of the holy Jesus in your own soul.

   Form no idea of the progress you make, nor stand upon nor watch how it advances in you.  Give God your heart;  desire only to die to yourself and every thing that hinders your living unto Him, and then your road is safe and good, whatever you meet in it.

   All my books will at present be of use to you, provided you read them only as your instruction how to find and know the misery and corruption of your own fallen nature, and the absolute impossibility of ever being delivered from it, but by turning to God through Jesus Christ.  For they mean nothing else but to lead you from me, and from yourself, from all trust in created things, to expect and find all that you want, in God alone, in the immediate operation of his living Word and Spirit in your own soul.

   In all my writings, I urge you to read more with your heart, than with your head: and never exercise your mind in apprehending any difficult matters, or stay upon them, when ever you meet them.

   Your heart, given up to God, will have its sufficient daily illumination, and, in its proper time,  will have its true fitness for the understanding of every matter that can be a blessing to you.  And be assured of this, that no knowledge but that which is born within you from a heart in union with the eternal Word and Spirit of God, is worth a moment's thought.

My dear friend,  Adieu.