Metaphysical Receptivity to the Benevolence of the Space/Time/Energy Field

Time, though a constant--a constant presence, a constant force, and itself unchanged, like a catalyst, by matter--yet affects objects depending on their motion and properties.

A rose is affected differently than an oak tree, and a rock is affected quite differently yet. Some animate and inanimate objects are more time sensitive than others. A blooming rose in summer is affected differently by time than a dormant rose in winter.

Let us look at how humans are affected by time depending on their state of mind.

Remember, what we call time is our perception of the pre-time force or ether wind which is the medium of creation as well as the sustaining field for our very existence.

Time is also gravity. Both are really one thing; yet each is described, measured and felt in a different way. Time is also the very sustainer of the atoms of our being.

Time is benevolent. When we are happy and healthy we hardly notice the passage of time. When we are bored or ill, time appears to drag for us.

Bear in mind what I said earlier. Time does not change. It is our perception of that changes. More importantly, it is how time affects us that changes, and for we humans, this very much depends on the state of our spiritual well being, which I will discuss in more detail very shortly.

One way of looking at the physical effects of time and gravity--which for us begins with growth and development, but then becomes deterioration and decay--is whether we can use the pressure of time and gravity for positive growth and development, or whether we somehow resist them in a way that leads to deterioration.

A young person lifts weights and develops bigger muscles, but an elderly person may get arthritis from repeated weight stress.

A chicken will benefit from time and gravity to grow and develop into a beautiful bird, and the child will benefit from the sustained mild challenge of time and the stress of weight resistance to grow to be, for example, a high school scholar and athlete.

However other pressures can alter growth, as retarders, adjuvants, or diverting growth, such as the wind by the ocean bending and permanently shaping the ocean side tree. The presence of noxious chemicals will stress the body to work harder to resist them; or such noxious chemicals may trigger harmful reactions, including the wild overgrowth of cancer.`

We are pressure sensitive beings, and pressure causes us to respond and grow in natural compensatory ways or unnatural ways. Keep in mind that there are thousands or millions of environmental factors that trigger response, growth, compensation, retreat, inhibition, or breakdown. But the fundamental field in which all of this takes place is in the mother field of time, energy, gravity, and space.

It is well know that whether a body will throw off a disease; whether a body will successfully handle a venemous bite, or survive the shock of some trauma depends on how the body responds.

Thus, in this article, which is about the intimate relationship between time and the human being, I postulate that how we respond to time will determine the subtleties of its effects on us. Remember, time like a river is both a sweet and gentle presence. But we dare not become cavalier in our interaction with the river because it is also a very powerful force to be respected.

As an aside, but a very beautiful and philosophical one: just as the waterwheel or the damn is able to use the energy of flowing water for useful purposes, likewise we may one day be able to obtain energy from the pre-time force which is all around us.

Bear in mind that all of physical creation--from the awesome galaxies and planets, the sun and the stars, to the mighty mountains--was birthed and is sustained by this mother field. Ample clean, renewable green energy is there waiting for humankind to turn to God, and if it be His will, the secret to the means of obtaining this energy would be revealed to us.

Returning to our topic: the key to our natural life is thus to resist pressures properly and not in a way that damages us. There is much that I could say about this--and about principles of nutrition, moderation, and rest. But this books is about the relationship between the human being and time. This is where the key metaphysical and spiritual interface occurs, and where we make a big error when we do not relate to it properly.

Time is the mother field in which we are bathed and in which we live, move and have our being. It is also an omnidirectional wind.

As gravity, it sustains and modulates our bodies as we live our life in the curved space time continuum.

As time, it regulates our lives: and it is the catalyst and sustainer of birth, growth, development, and it sets the limit for the number of our days.

Earlier I stated that the pre-time force as gravity provides stability but also provides a natural stress. Our movements in the gravity field require some resistance in order to counter its effects, and this resistance causes compensatory growth and then maintains our muscle tone. It is well known that a person who lies in a hospital bed for several days loses much of their walking strength. Thus, we have no choice but to resist gravity to the extent that we wish to move.

But when it come to time, any resistance is dysfunctional. You may wonder how someone can resist time, and the answer is that we cannot slow the relentless movement of time, but we do have a form of resistance which affects pejoratively our relationship with time.

The resistance of which I speak is resentment. Resentment is a negative psycho-spiritual factor that affects our emotions, our relationship with others, and even more ominously our relationship with the sustaining mother field which we know as time.

Any resentment on our part introduced an altered relationship with time that is very harmful.

Resentment is resistance--which includes elements of denial as well as an altered movement pattern called avoidance.

Denial and its physical equivalent, avoidance, result in a falling away from a proper flow and result in friction in the soul with our ground of being and with the preordained pattern contained in the mother field.

Denial and resentment interfere with the reception of spiritual light and love.

The resentful person actually avoids benevolence, wholesomeness, and healing which are waiting to come through time present. There is a profound metaphysical reason for this, but at this point I am simply stating it as a postulate for your consideration (though I know it is true).

You do not need a metaphysical proof for my postulate that resentment results in alienation from healing forces and benevolence. You can see the empirical evidence by observing your family, friends, associates, and yourself too.

A resentful person, despite a show of happiness for public consumption, is very negative-- especially about himself or herself.

The resentful person cannot accept a compliment or gracefully receive anything. A resentful person will actually turn down a kind word or helping hand. He or she may avoid observation, feeling unworthy and very out of sync.

Mind you, a resentful person may be able to deceive self and others for quite some time, often by blaming others or projecting negative motives or attitudes onto other people. The resentful person may unconsciously become ill or accident prone, so as to be able to focus their attention on a condition and its treatment, thus avoiding the truth.

Such people's negativity is often turned on their own body--resenting the illness or condition, or even their own body.

Resentful people also join causes, engage in many activities, and may be very busy, as compensations--thus effectively hiding an undercurrent of negativity.

Denial of reality--what is--must result in intellectual or imaginative compensation. And because of the excessive reality avoiding immersion in study, thought, and fantasy--mistakes about bound to be made in reality.

Remember our key point that time is a constant and it does not change, but our relationship to time changes depending on our attitude and our frame of mind. In fact, it goes even deeper, our relationship with time is affected by our spiritual state of well being.

In simple terms, when we are resentful and judgmental, for example, the vibratory level of our soul is lowered. No longer in a positive state of mind, we shun the beneficence of the creative force in which we live. This, of course, leads to a snowballing effect where we are in even a worse situation--and this continues until we have a change of attitude and heart.

A negative relationship with time does not feel good--we feel tense, anxious, ill at ease, and out of sync. It also is not good for us. The state of our psyche affects the body. It is well know in the field of psycho immunology, that negativity lowers our immune response.

Any stress tends to do this. And what could be a worse stress than to be out of sync with the sustaining mothering field of our being?

I have made a very profound observation in this brief paper. Your attitude and mental state affect your relationship with the timeless ground of being which flows over you every moment of your life. We all know that attitude is important.

Doctors will tell you that a patent's attitude is important in their recovery. Teachers and coaches will talk about a student's attitude. We are all concerned about a friend or colleague who is depressed, negative, down, lethargic, or withdrawn.

But I wish to make you aware of the role of resentment in the inception and sustaining of such negative states, as well as how the resistance, denial, and avoidance inherent in resentment result in a reduction in receptivity of the benevolence of the mother field.

Here is an analogy. Love is reciprocal. When we love someone, we wish for them to love us too. If they respond to our love that is good. But if there is no response to our love, then the connection is broken.

There has to be a response for the love to be accepted. Remember how I said that a resentful person cannot graciously accept a gift, cannot accept something positive, and rejects love?

I have repeatedly pointed out that time is love. Time (our perception of and relationship with the pre-time, timeless ether wind in which we live and move) is evidence in the physical realm of God's love: His creative force, His patience, His benevolence, and His enduring fidelity.

Thus, without realizing it, the resentful person is rejecting God's love. And this occurs in a very real and tangible way. We are devastated by lovelessness.

Let me conclude with a less metaphysical discussion and a more mundane one, but nevertheless it will be helpful to many people. We all know at some level that a positive attitude is helpful and a negative one harmful. Norman Cousins wrote a book about how he get through a catastrophic illness by renting and watching comedy movies. By focusing away from negative thoughts and emotions, being distracted and made happy by the comedy, his body had the space to recover.

We all know the benefits of an attitude of gratitude, a smile, looking on positive side, forgiving and forgetting, and we recognize the wisdom in the lyrics of the old song "don't worry, be happy."

The problem is that we don't know how to get back to a positive, happy, grateful, loving attitude. We get bogged down in worries, doubts, and fears. And worse, we get submerged in jealousy, bitterness, unhappiness, depression, grudges, and unfinished business.

We don't know how to forgive and forget. We don't know how to get back in control of our emotions.

I will give you the first secret. Let go of resentment. Learn to watch for it, and when you see it, let it go. Unhappiness, bitterness, unforgiveness, anxiety, and many other conditions, including chronic pain, often have their roots in resentment.

We notice the anger, the heartache, the despair, the unhappiness, and the negative thoughts. We tend to get involved in a struggle with them. In fact, we usually resent them.

These are secondary manifestations of a primary error: resentment. See it, admit it, let it go.

Resentment is the primary problem, because it affects the soul, and through the soul the body.

Take note of this very important point: resentment is under your conscious control. You may not have much control over your body's over-reactions right now, but you can exercise control over resentment.

Worries, doubts and other negative thoughts also are sustained and fed by resentment. Again, resentment is the key thing to let go of.

So your two problems are resentment (hated and judgement) and lack of faith. I recommend you begin by letting go of your resentments. Hope and then faith will be a natural by product. In the meanwhile, watch for and let go of resentment. Stay out of negative thought.

I conclude with another positive observation. Often our mind, emotions and body are able to repair themselves and recuperate when what is blocking the restorative processes is removed.

Negative emotions and worries (which interfere not only with restoration of well being but also interfere with healing relationships) have a root in resentment.

The good news is that there is really no particular thing you have to do to get started.

Our ego always wants to roll up its sleeves and do something. It is humbling wisdom to realize that it's not so much what you do, but what you let go of. Begin by letting go of resentment.

When you do, you will begin to unblock natural restorative processes. You will also come back into symmetry with your mother field which holds you, shelters you and nurtures you, and which contains the elements for a wonderful future waiting to unfold.

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