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  You may have heard Roland on the radio. His program is called Shedding Shackles.   Click here to listen to one of Roland's recent shows while you read this post .    Shedding Shackles airs coast to coast and is now in its 31st year on the air.  Roland has a listener call in line where you can ask a question. Roland listens to all the questions and answers some of them on the air. So call the number and leave a question. Your voice may be used on the air.     Listener Call in Line: 510-455-8851 Were you touched or moved by something you heard on Roland's radio show? We want to hear about it! Got a comment, question or opinion? Call anytime! Call and leave your message on the 24/7 voicemail. Roland listens to them all and your message might find its way on the air. For radio and Internet radio listeners only. You must be 18. My purpose is to help people to stop becoming upset by stress. Most people are suffering from stress. The stress they feel contributes to family problems,

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