How You Can Help


How you can help

Roland is a volunteer. He helps many people around the world. Many have little or no money. That's why Roland has always made most things free, including the new free Easy Meditation for Stress. Roland is now starting his 26th year helping people on the radio and on his website.

Roland does not work for an organization or a church. He pays for radio airtime and internet use himself, with a little help from visitors.

That's why every little bit helps and Roland is very grateful for any help. 

You can help others by making a donation to Roland's outreach using safe and secure Paypal.

The easiest way is using a credit card at the Paypal donate button.

Remember, everyone who makes a donation of any amount gets a free ebook of your choice sent as a pdf attachment to an email.  

As soon as Roland hears from Paypal about your donation, he will contact you by email to find which eBook and bonus gift you would like to get right away.