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"Every reaction tells a story: it tells of a faithless, angry response. It may have begun when you were a little child and someone was pressuring you. Every symptom tells a story. It tells us that we have been reacting wrongly to the stresses in the environment. It tells us that we have been prideful, and thus doubly sensitive to the vicissitudes of life, which we take personally instead of with equanimity and poise."  
a quote from Roland's forthcoming book Unholy Passions and the Power to Change

Do you suffer from
Mental fog
Inability to concentrate
Find it difficult to focus or concentrate

Do you wonder why the spiritual principles that you learned and loved or read about are not a cogent force in your own mental and emotional life? Or why you still resent other people and become impatient with them?

Your problem is that you are too reactive. You go out in the world and get upset. Then you hide in daydreams and thoughts. You must learn how to meditate to be pre armed with patience. Then you will be able to meet life with presence of mind and begin to solve your issues without becoming upset.

Why don't you try my new Easy Meditation?

 It is simple, easy to learn, and quick. It is great for busy people. It is also good for beginners. Whatever your issue is, the easy meditation is sure to help you get centered and  find presence of mind to begin solving your issues.

Click here to try the Easy Meditation and Easy Meditation App. Both are free.

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