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Hello and welcome. This is an oasis of help.

Here you will also find explanations. The kind of explanations a wise person should have given you. Many times we are messing up and unhappy. We don't know why. We keep trying and we blame others, but what we need is an explanation so that we can see what is wrong.

The other thing we need is a technique for dealing with being upset.  When you are upset you can't focus and you can't think straight. You need help to calm down

When you are lost in a mental fog, it is hard to rouse yourself to intuitively realize solutions.

When you are distracted, it is hard to focus.

Sooooooo, what you need is something to help you calm down, get focused, and see intuitive and creative solutions.

25 years ago I found out about a type of meditation that really can help with all of the above.

It can help you calm down, get centered, refocus, concentrate, and intuit creative solutions.  It is an ancient technique but also has modern elements of mindfulness. It is amazing - it is very Christian, but works just as well for people who come from other faith traditions or no faith tradition.  All it requires is a sincere attitude.

Think about it - if you could learn to calmly, reasonably, and creatively realize solutions to your issues, life could be sweet. And when you began to see improvement, you would have a new hope. Not a hope you had to give yourself, but a real one based on progress.

How to use this site.

I know you came here with some issue. Probably it involves a relationship - with your husband, wife, partner, boyfriend, parent, or just people in general. You want a solution to your issues and help with your relationships.

You came here to look for help and to ask a question.

Remember, what you really need are creative solutions. The ones you have tried in the past have not worked. Or they worked for awhile and then created other problems.

But you also need a way to find creative solutions yourself. Of course, we all sometimes need help. But it would be nice if you could intuitively find the right kind of help.

Want to learn more?

How to benefit from this site

Listen to one of my recent programs. I talk about improving relationships, finding happiness, and much more. I also talk about the meditation and how it helps you resolve issues and find creative positive solutions.   So the first thing to do is click on the link, chose a program and just listen.

Maybe you will hear the answer to you question within a few minutes by listening to me. Don't laugh, it happens all the time.

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 The second thing to do is to consider trying the meditation.  Just go to our 24/7 self help resource center and check out the various meditations. Try the free 5 minute meditation for stress, and then go ahead and get the classic 4 part meditation which includes 2 free eBooks and a free booklet,

Then if you have a question, you can ask me personally.

I know you want an immediate solution to your issue, but remember what I said (if you forgot, then reread the first part of this page). You first need to calm down, get centered, get out of the mental fog and then you will be in the right frame of mind to understand and apply any wisdom you hear or discover for yourself.

I recommend people listen to my lectures first and then try the meditation. If you have a prayer request, I also recommend you find one of my radio programs that interest you and listen and also check out the meditations.

However, if you need prayer, please send your prayer request right away.  Send your prayer request and then listen to me in one of my lectures. Some people have said that they found listening to me calming and helpful. 

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"Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God."

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Relief from Anxiety and Finding the Peace of God

I love the first quotation here from Mr. Pusey and I love the last one too from Mr. Carter.

These guys, I am quite sure, have experienced what they tell us about. Would you like too also?
I know of no better path that to try the meditation we offer.

You simply have to get out of your thinking and rise to be in the Presence in the present.
Learn more about this special meditation at

AS thou learnest this lesson, to carry all thy
sorrows to God, and lie at thy Saviour's
feet, and spread thy grief before Him,
thou wilt find a calm come over thee, thou
knowest not whence ; thou wilt see through the
clouds a bright opening, small perhaps and quickly
closed, but telling of eternal rest, and everlast-
ing day, and of the depth of the Love of God.
* Thy heart will still rise and sink, but it will
rise and sink, not restlessly, nor waywardly,
not in violent gusts of passion ; but resting in
stillness on the bosom of the ocean of the Love
of God. Then shalt thou learn, not to endure
only patiently,, but, in everything against thy
will, humbly and quickly to see and to love tlie
loving Will of God. Thy faith and thy love
and thy hope will grow, the more thou seest the
work of God with thee ; thou wilt joy in thy
sorrow, and thy sorrow will be turned into joy.

Edward B. Pusey.

In nothing be anxious; but in 'everything by
prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your
requests be made known unto God, And the peace
of Gody which passeth all understandings shall
guard your hearts and your thoughts in Christ
Jesus. — Phil. iv. 6, 7 (R. V.).

JUST think of having His wonderful peace
guarding one's heart and one's thoughts all
day long. But it is only on condition that
we fulfil the sixth verse, " In nothing be anx-
ious," — this is a distinct command, and, if we
fail to fulfil it, we shall not get the blessing.
Sorrow even is anxiety, and should be laid upon
our blessed Lord. Then in prayer and suppli-
cation we must not forget that thanksgiving is
also distinctly commanded ; we must praise
God for His dealings with us, even though we
cannot make them out at times. Pray God
to make you cease from anxiety about yourself
and your plans ; just be willing to do the work
our dear Father gives you at the time.

John Kenneth Mackenzie.

Oh, how great peace and quietness would he
possess who should cut off all vain anxiety and
place all his confidence in God.

Thomas a Kempis.

I girded thee, though thou hast not known me, —
Isaiah xlv. 5.

For I know the thoughts that I think toward
you, saith the Lord ; thoughts of peace and not of
evil to give you an expected end, •:— Jer. xxix. 11.

Thou knowest, — oh, the precious truth

That bids my soul be strong !
The care, the never-weary care

That cannot lead me wrong !
There is a blessed end for me,

Whereon thine eyes are set ,•
Thou hast a comfort in Thy love.

Too great to show me yet.

Anna L. Waring.

NO room for a discouraged or depressed
feeling is left you. If your sphere is
outwardly humble, if it even appears to
be quite insignificant, God understands it better
than you do, and it is a part of His wisdom to
bring out great sentiments in humble conditions,
great principles in works that are outwardly trivial,
great characters under great adversities and heavy
loads of encumbrance. Let it fill vou with cheer-
fulness and exalted feeling, however deep in ob-
scurity your lot may be, that God is leading you
on, girding you for a work, preparing you for a
good that is worthy of His divine magnificence.
If God is really preparing us all to become that
which is the very highest and best thing possible,
there ought never to be a discouraged or uncheer-
ful being in the world.

Horace Bushnell.

The secret of the Lord is with them that fear
Him ; and He will show them His covenant. —
Ps. XXV. 14.

Then shall my days be Thine,

And all ray heart be love;
And joy and peace be mine,

Such as are known above.
Come, Holy Spirit, quickly come.
And make my heart Thy lasting home.

Andrew Reed.

IT is a sign that the soul is living in God, if
it maintain calmness within through the con-
sciousness of His Presence, while working
for Him in active ministrations. Such restful-
ness will show itself in the commonest ways, in
doing common duties at the right time, in pre-
serving a sweetness and evenness of temper in
the midst of ordinary interruptions and disturb-
ances, in walking to and fro quietly on the day's
varied errands, in speaking gentle words, in
sweetly meeting unexpected calls. A calm, rest-
ful temper grows as self is learning to lose itself
in God. Such grace tells gradually on the daily
life -, even the minutest detail may be brought
under the power of God, and carried out in
union with Him.

T. T. Carter.

 from Joy and Strength for The Pilgrim's Day

Selected by

Mary W, Tileston